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Eric: It’s clear you took building a website seriously and made a real investment of time and resources into making it top quality.
16-01-2021 12:20:28
07-01-2021 04:05:57
Eric: When targeting leads, you HAVE to act fast – the difference between contacting someone within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes later is huge – like 100 times better!
15-12-2020 08:28:51
Michele: DOMAIN SERVICES EXPIRATION NOTICE FOR iu0fbk.it Domain Notice Expiry ON: Dec 12, 2020 We have not gotten a payment from you. We've tried to email you however were not able to contact you. Browse Through: https://bit.ly/346dnq9 For information and to process a discretionary settlement for your domain website services. 121220202045283753688578798iu0fbk.it
13-12-2020 03:05:47
Eric: My name’s Eric and I just found your site iu0fbk.it.
27-11-2020 05:00:27
Eric: But if you don’t mind me asking – after someone like me stumbles across iu0fbk.it, what usually happens?
31-10-2020 05:43:18
Eric: Everything I’ve just described is extremely simple to implement, cost-effective, and profitable.
04-10-2020 05:30:45
Christa: ATT: iu0fbk.it / Benvenuti sul Sito di iu0fbk :: iu0fbk INTERNET SITE SOLUTIONS This notification RUNS OUT ON: Sep 13, 2020 We have not obtained a settlement from you. We've tried to contact you yet were not able to contact you. Kindly Go To: https://bit.ly/2FhNtq1.For information as well as to process a discretionary payment for solutions. 09132020033752.
13-09-2020 09:38:00
Eric: The new text messaging feature lets you follow up regularly with new offers, content links, even just follow up notes to build a relationship.
25-08-2020 03:04:23
Eric: You know, strike when the iron’s hot!
25-08-2020 07:55:02
Julieta: Hi, We're wondering if you've ever considered taking the content from iu0fbk.it and converting it into videos to promote on social media platforms such as Youtube? It's another 'rod in the pond' in terms of traffic generation, as so many people use Youtube. You can read a bit more about the software here: https://bit.ly/3gcMViF Kind Regards, Julieta
20-08-2020 02:37:47
Mike: Receive unlimited website traffic, each day for 6 months
18-07-2020 05:35:57
iw6cae: Buona serata a tutti
16-07-2020 05:29:40
Tara: --Tara Campbell
07-07-2020 05:37:26
Eric: The new text messaging feature lets you follow up regularly with new offers, content links, even just follow up notes to build a relationship.
02-06-2020 03:48:40
Eve: I have written content specific to your industry in order to produce a professional explainer video.
24-05-2020 06:36:53
Eric: Your SEO’s working.
19-04-2020 03:51:28
Eric: PS: The studies show 7 out of 10 visitors don’t hang around – you can’t afford to lose them!
16-04-2020 11:35:26
Eric: You have customers waiting to talk with you right now… don’t keep them waiting.
30-03-2020 05:50:49
Mike: I am messaging you today to compliment your business + let you know about the unreasonably low pricing I am charging for a limited time to new clients interested in my graphic design services.
27-03-2020 12:01:03
Eric: EMA has been looking for ways to reach out to an audience. TalkWithCustomer so far is the most direct call of action. It has produced above average closing ratios and we are thrilled. Thank you for providing a real and effective tool to generate REAL leads. - P MontesDeOca.
17-02-2020 07:49:12
Avery: My company based out of Jerusalem and California, provides the highest quality American telemarketing and cold calling services.
15-02-2020 11:54:11
Laura: -Laura
20-01-2020 07:11:20
Avery: To earn your business, we are offering significantly slashed prices for a trial/pilot period. Now is the time to try new lead generation tactics.
15-01-2020 07:05:53
s51st: ljubo1948
23-11-2019 11:45:07
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